Scott Worthington

bassist & composer

remote recording

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I can record double bass and electric bass for a variety of projects from my home: notated music, improvised music, lead sheets, “add something that sounds cool,” “just make a raucous,” etc. You can find examples of the kinds of music I’ve played and engineered on the recordings page.

I mainly use Pro Tools, but if you don’t want to send your whole session or prefer a different DAW it’s very easy work with a stereo mix or mock up and a click track (or tempo indication).

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dry double bass samples

some generally straight ahead sound samples. additional mics and set ups available.

• arco: single LDC off bridge, no processing
• pizz: gentle high pass on LDC plus raw piezo pickup

faster/rhythmic arco @ 0:00, slower/moody arco @ 0:29, walking pizz @ 1:17, groove pizz @ 1:41


• mics by Michael Joly, Josephson, Audio Technica, Shure
• Millennia preamps
• RME interface

in a mix

used as principal player to sweeten orchestra samples

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