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My work as a recording, edit, and mix engineer has appeared on Orenda, Microfest, Populist, and Innova Records. As a producer, tracks and albums I've worked on have appeared on Bridge, Populist, and Innova Records. I have performed all of these roles for numerous self-released recordings by myself and others. Please see the discography page for a detailed list.

In broad terms, for acoustic recordings, my goal is to create the clearest and most transparent representation of your performance and for other styles or genres, I want to capture the energy and vibe you're after, whether that takes a high- or low-touch approach. No matter the music, you can always tell me how much liberty I should take: should I polish and balance what you provide or be a creative partner?

I work in Pro Tools and Reaper. If you use a differnt DAW, it is fairly easy to translate between them, but we need to discuss specifics before you send over the files. Please get in touch about your budget and needs.

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