5 improvisations

improvised some things for a microphone for something else and decided to share them.
one mic. no plugins or effects. (a little on the quiet side sometimes).

The Moon Landing

50 years ago today, humans walked on the moon.

Ken Hunt used that mission’s voice transcript to make a poem and was kind enough to let me use it in a piece of music. Here’s an excerpt:

I planned to release the entire piece today, but for a variety of reasons it’s been delayed. It will still appear sometime.

You can read more of Hunt’s wonderful poetry in his book The Lost Cosmonauts. He has an upcoming book, The Odyssey, which uses this Apollo 11 manuscripts in a similar way to the poem he let me use in my piece.

T@MS concert online

If you weren’t able to make it out to my Tuesdays at Monk Space performance last December, you can watch my set online now :)

Thanks to the T@MS team and Adam Borecki Recording Services for the videos.

David Lang – i feel pretty
Alexandra Gardner – Mint Conditioner
Jenny Olivia Johnson – Home
(all for bass and electronics)

New Year, New Record

Starting off the new year just right, my friend Nat Evans released a new recording today on his bandcamp page. “Two Functions in Three Dimensions: music for meditative cooking is a new ambient work by Nat Evans for electric bass, gong resonated by subwoofer, and field recording.” I provided the electric bass sounds which helped resonate the subwoofer.

You can listen to the piece using the player below, and read the rest of the description by clicking through to the album’s bandcamp page.