a * indicates a work written for ensemble et cetera


Matt Barber - Trying to Say* (listen)

Earle Brown - December 1952 (listen)

Earle Brown - November 1952 ("Synergy") (listen)

John Cage - Variations I

John Cage - Atlas Eclipticalis

Paul Feyertag - 250 Multicolored Birds Contained Within a Small Space*

Jon Forshee - Tulsa Darsana Sutra*

Philip Glass - Music in Similar Motion

Paul Hembree - Werkstoffwissenschaft* (listen)

Kurt Isaacson - the felled tree in a forest hallucinates skeletons dragged out of the body* (listen)

Francisco del Pino - Brizna (listen)

Scott Worthington - Even the Light Itself Falls* (listen)


Pierre Boulez - Dialogue de l'ombre double

James Dillon - Todesengel (listen)

Kaija Saariaho - Ciel Etiole

trios on the way from...

Joseph Andrew Lake

Steve Lewis

Timothy McCormack

Dimitri Papageorgiou

Jeremy Wagner