Reflections (2012)
solo double bass and electronics
in memoriam Stefano Scodanibbio
Duration: 10 minutes

Stefano Scodanibbio was an eminent and revolutionary bass player. His playing was unmistakeable and the techniques that he developed will take decades to be fully assimilated into contemporary bass playing (if they ever will be at all). Scodanibbio passed away while bassists at UCSD were in the early stages of preparing a bass ensemble concert and upon hearing the news we immediately decided that the concert should be dedicated to him.
As is common for that group, we were all writing new pieces to play on the concert and the original version of this piece was for our ensemble. Very soon after hearing of Scodanibbio’s death the single chord which makes up this piece came to me and its melancholic quality and unique resonance seemed perfectly suited to meditation and contemplation.
In the solo version, the electronics allow a single performer to sustain the entire chord. The process of building the chord is much slower than in the ensemble version, enhancing the contemplative nature. Nothing about the piece specifically references Scodanibbio’s techniques, style, or repertoire; I instead hope to make a piece that allows for solemn reflection.