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Interlude* (2017)

SILENCE (every spell is muted) (2017)
soprano and trumpet

A Flame That Could Go Out* (2016)
two five-string electric basses

The Landscape Listens (2016)
string quartet (two violins, viola, cello)

For Alvin Lucier* (2016)
sine waves

Or Bitter Wren Sing (2016)
violin and playback

NOISE (the air has been ill) (2016)
soprano, tenor, electric guitar, viola, percussion, and playback

A Time That Is Also a Place (2015)
flute and playback

Space Administration* (2014-15)
double bass, playback, and projected text

Unphotographable (2015)
trombone and playback

With No Surroundings There Can Be No Path* (2014)
double bass, field recordings, and sine tones

A Different Infiniteness (2013)
bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and playback

Reflections* (2012)
double bass and electronics

Still Life (2012)
trumpet and electronics

Even the Light Itself Falls* (2011-12)
clarinet, percussion, and double bass

Quintet (after Feldman) (2011)
five double basses

At Dusk* (2010)
double bass and digital resonances

A Few Kites (2010)
trumpet, violin, and electronics

Prism (2010)
three double basses

Frozen Landscapes (2009)
percussion and optional electronics

Infinitive (2009)
bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and baritone

In(verse)Fragments (2009)
two clarinets, soprano, and string trio (violin, viola, cello)

Six Shades of Gray (2009)
flute, guitar, and double bass

Or (2009)
tuba or bass trombone

GS 1 and 2* (2008)

Three Notions (2008)
alto flute

Abstraction II (2008)
piano and electronics

Lullaby* (2008)

Opacity (2008)

Abstraction I (2007)
carillon and electronics

Four Instances (2007)