Virtual House Concerts

Yesterday I performed my first virtual house concert, an idea I hope to continue through the COVID-19 crisis that has halted public performances around the globe. The archive of that stream is below.

Some other ideas include a shorter 12-tone/serial solo bass concert with works by Robert Morris, Erik Carlson, Charles Wuorinen, and perhaps others; improvisations with a new computer system I’m designing; other solo bass music; networked improvisations with others; etc. If you have ideas or pieces you’d like me to consider, please feel free to send them my way!

If I can get a good set up and balance performing with electronics, that will open more of my repertoire to this format. I think it will be possible, I just need some more time to experiment.

Please enjoy Eva-Maria Houben’s nachtstück (begins about 6:20), stay healthy, and stay home for now :)