photo by Micki Davis (video still)

“[Prism] is … an exceptional disc, as bewitching as it is original. Worthington’s double bass speaks not only in lumbering, thunderous tones but also in high, pale registers of piercing expressivity.” ~ Alex Ross
The Rest Is Noise: Now Playing
“enthralling and, yes, verging on the ecstatic.” ~ Nathan Thomas
Fluid Radio
[Review of Orbit]
“quietly gripping” ~ Steve Smith
National Sawdust Log
[Orbit preview]
“Scott Worthington’s bass is a gentle giant, deep and softly breathing.” … “Prism shows Worthington to be a composer of subtlety and skill.” ~ Tim Rutherford-Johnson
The Rambler: CD Review
Even the Light Itself Falls lulls you into a meditative state, yet continually surprises and delights with tiny, glittering events along the way.” ~ Steve Smith
The New York Times: ArtsBeat Classical Playlist
“Worthington’s control … was masterful and transfixing.” ~ Isaac Shankler
NewMusicBox: A Spring 2014 Concertgoer’s Journal