Scott Worthington


live recordings posted

I’ve posted the recording of my recent wandelweiser bass concert over on bandcamp.

antoine beuger: sound (1996)
antoine beuger: monodies pour mallarmé (2004)
antoine beuger: place (1996/97)
eva-maria houben: nachtstück (2007)

You can stream the whole thing for free below or by clicking through to the bandcamp page.

Space Administration premiere

On Thursday, May 7th, I’ll be doing the first performance of my piece Space Administration. Here’s a facebook event, if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s the event page on this site.

And, finally, here’s a video excerpt to (hopefully) get you excited.

a few photos

Just a few photos from the time at Stanford so far…

Home base music stand:



famous FM:



a morning practice view:



sound experiments

In 2015 I’m releasing (via bandcamp) a little experiment/idea/test track on the 15th of each month.

It’s quite noisy like the first, but the original source sounds come from a recent solo bass recording session I did rather than a synthesizer. Most of the processing was done in SuperCollider with a little editing and EQ within Pro Tools.