October Updates

My most recent album, Prism, has gathered some nice reviews. Tim Rutherford-Johnson writes about it here. It also appeared on a few playlists: Steve Smith (Boston Globe) and Alex Ross (The New Yorker). You can stream the whole thing on Populist Records’s bandcamp page or buy physical copies directly from them.

In performance news, I’m excited to become a small part of The Industry’s new opera, Hopscotch. I did a little recording work for one of Andrew McIntosh’s pieces, but now I’ll also be a part of the finale playing the bass. It’s a bit shrouded in mystery at this point, but the LA Times have a little write up online.

Loadbang has just released a new album on New Focus Recordings featuring music by Alex Mincek, David Brynjar Franzson, Reiko Fueting, Alexandre Lunsqui, and William Lang along with my piece Infinitive. You can listen to samples and get links to buy it from New Focus’s website.

Finally, I was the recording engineer for the newest Populist Records release, Matt Barbier’s album Face|Resection. An entire album of solo acoustic trombone music that sounds neither solo, nor acoustic, nor like a trombone.