The Tortoise

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  • Label: Nat Evans
  • Release: August 19, 2015

Nat Evans
The Tortoise

CD 1: music by Nat Evans
CD 2: music by many collaborators including my piece With No Surroundings There Can Be No Path for bass, sine tones, and field recordings by Evans. I performed, recorded, mixed, and produced this track on the album.

In the summer of 2014, composer and sound artist Nat Evans spent five months hiking the 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail writing music and making hundreds of field recordings in a project called The Tortoise. Along the way he sent SD cards filled with field recordings to a series of composers who created works responding to the recordings made nearby where they lived. Those works were posted online all summer so that people could hear how the sound of the trail changed as Evans moved northward, and how different people respond to their landscapes. Upon his return Evans recorded his own works from his long walk. This album features those works, as well as the pieces by his collaborators.